A Deep Review of Dohm-DS Dual Speed White Noise Generator

Where to buy of Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner with Discounted Price?

Dohm-DS Dual Speed White Noise Generator or also previously known as the Sleepmate/Sound Screen 980A is one of the best white noise machines in the market. It produces adjustable shooting sound of rushing air, allowing you to enjoy your quality time and external noise free. This amazing stuff is perfect for office, home, or even ships during your travelling.

This white noise generator, can perfectly mask almost all common noise backgrounds such as partner’s snoring, neighbors’ music, or coworkers’ chatter. This white noise maker is also suitable for places where it might otherwise be too quiet. It’s totally great to improve your sleep quality and perfect for baby nursery as well.

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White Noise Generator: How it works?

The Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner is an incredible tool that invented by Marpac in 1962. It’s work by creating the soothing, natural sound of rushing air to counter distracting noises with various unique frequencies allow you to gain a deeper sleep, concentration, and relaxation. It’s a multifunction stuff, beside to create your peaceful moments, it can be used also to protect confidentially in places where sensitive information share.

Those parents with a baby or a newborn can use this white noise machine as parts of baby nursery, protecting external sound noises to enter and distracting the baby from quality sleep. Turn on this tool at the corner of your baby nursery for maximum effect.

Dohm-DS Dual Speed White Noise Generator Technology

This Sleepmate/Sound Screen 980A is utilized the white noise frequency. According to Wikipedia, white noise is a random process or signal with a flat power spectral density, in other word, this noise is containing many frequencies with equal intensities. A white noise generator is frequently used to mask other sound.

So how its technology works to counter unwanted noise such as a leaking music from the next room, snoring from your partner, or the sound of busy traffic? Since the Dohm-DS Dual Speed White Machine creates almost all frequencies, it manipulates our brain to disobey the noise. As a simple analogy, when two of your friends talking at the same time, your brain can normally choose and identify one of the voices. Same when there are three of your friends who talk simultaneously, still your brain can identify each of them.

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However, your brain can’t identify among so many people who talk simultaneously. Let’s say you are in a theatre with other 5000 people and all of them chattering at the same time, your brain can’t identify one of the voices since there are too many frequencies around you. This stuff has a similar technique to manipulate your brain by creating so many-many frequencies, so your brain can’t focus on the noise.

What Users Said About this Dohm-DS Dual Speed White Noise Generator?

Broussard, a user who has been using this machine since 2008 feel satisfied about it. He said that this Dohm-DS Dual Speed is the second sound conditioner he owned. It little high in price compared to other products but it’s totally worth every extra cent. It creates more shooting and rich sound compared to sound machine which uses a digital recording. He uses this stuff to cover all noise since he lives in a noisy business district with a 16 year old boy that stay up all night with his loud music. “With this amazing machine, I sleep like a baby” he said.

Another happy user, Angela, has been annoyed by her fiancé’s snoring. She said that her fiancé snoring like thunder. This sound machine helps co mask his snoring perfectly allow me to gain my quality sleeping time. “It’s a must have in my house”, she said.

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Shoegal, from Boston, has been in sleeping problem for years before he meets this white noise generator machine. Her mother introduced him with the “Sleep-Mate” (the Dohm’s predecessor) almost 10 years ago and he’s very happy about the product. In the past few weeks the old machine broken (after 10+ years of use daily for 6-10 hours per day) and he a bought Dohm-DS Dual Speed White Noise Generator. Obviously, he feels satisfied about the machine and he said that this new machine is better than the old one.

Where to buy of Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner with Discounted Price?

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