Product Review and Discount Link: Coconut Oil Pure by NOW Foods

Coconut oil has been used for hundred years as part of natural remedy and treatment in many cultures. Researches show that pure coconut oil is loaded with healthy and skin-friendly saturated fat and this why this natural oil leaves the skin feeling refreshed and silky. This coconut oil is not only good for skin, but also it great for hair and scalp.

This NOW foods product is considered food grade, it’s natural without any hazardous chemicals agent including artificial colors and chemical preservatives and totally safe for daily base use. According to the manufacturer website, this product is made by mechanical extraction of the fresh coconut oil and den deodorized, so there is no chemical solvent used.

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NOW Foods Pure Coconut Oil at a Glance

Since there is no chemical process on it production, the manufacturer claims this product is 100% natural and organic. This product also cruelty free and does not test on animals. Under room temperature the oil become solid or semisolid with opaque color but when it heat up, it will become crystal clear liquid. This is totally normal and will not harm the quality of the coconut oil.

If the oil becomes solid, it can be melted by placing the jar in a pan of hot water for couple minutes until the oil is totally melted. It can also microwaved for a few second but make sure to remove the metal lid before.

What people say about this NOW foods pure coconut oil?

Coconut oils for healthy skin and hair

According to WebMD, coconut oil is high in medium chain triglycerides a form of saturated fat. When it applied to the skin or hair, this natural oil has a moisturizing effect. Different from most of commercial moisturizers which is contain lots of water. When you are using water base moisturizer, the effect will fade away when the water dries.

This coconut oil provides real and deep moisture on the skin. This natural oil also help to remove excessive dead cells and strengthen underlying tissues on the scalp makes your hair shine with strong roots.

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What people say about this NOW foods pure coconut oil?

Most of users love this coconut oil since it creates great impact on their skin and hair. “This product is solid on room temperature, but when you scoop it out, it starts to melt on your skin. It’s fantastic for any skin types and pats of the body. It’s great for heels, elbows, and tummy. I even use it on my face.” A user said. “It’s also great on my hair. I use this oil twice a week to my hair and my hair become much healthier and less ends split.” She added.

Another user, Connie L. Garret, say that she loves this product because it’s affordable and create real result. “This is my second order and my skin has been revived with some suppleness.” She said. “I always use this coconut oil after a shower and I see miracle on the result. I highly recommend this product.” She added.

Where You Can Get Pure Coconut Oil by NOW Foods?

You can easily grab this product at pharmacies near your neighborhood, or you can also get this amazing coconut oil from online store and I recommend you to get this product from Amazon. When I wrote this article, they offer 23% discount for 12 pack of the product. You can check the Amazon page for this product by hitting the button below. Visit right now and claim your discounted price.

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