Must Have Product: Anti-aging Facial Night Treatments by Estee Lauder

This anti-aging serum receives so many positive review among its users, and this is because the comprehensive and powerful ingredients. Those who choose the product have same opinion, which is a dramatic reduction in the visible sign of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. This Estee Lauder advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex emerges from groundbreaking DNA research and supported by years of researches.

Using this age-defying serum in daily basis will help continuously repair the appearance of skin damage as aging result. The formula inside the product synchronizes the skin’s need to support the optimal performance of its protective and natural repair process. According to the user experience, 75% of them felt their sin more youthful and 83% of them felt their skin healthier, fresher, and radiant in just 4 weeks of usement.

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Estee Lauder advanced anti-aging facial night treatments ingredients

According to its website this powerful anti-aging serum contains tripeptide-32. This peptide considered has protective property from enzymes in the skin that can break the peptide before it reach the target. Beside the peptide-32, this beauty product also contains arabidopsis thalia extract, kola extract, caffeine, chamomile extract, bifita fragment lysate, lecithin,  and other ingredients including lactobacillus ferment.

According to Wikipedia, Lactobacillus ferment is a probiotic or good bacteria. In some reports this component has multiple health benefits when consuming orally, but there is no study proving its benefit on topical application on the skin.

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What users say about Estee Lauder advanced anti-aging facial night treatments?

According to my little research on the net, most of users gave this product maximum ratting. Stephanie, one of user from Brooklyn very loves this product. “This stuff is very great on my skin, I’m 38 now and this anti-aging product makes my skin look clearer, brighter, and less lined.” She said. “My skin absorbs this serum well and has a matte feel which is nice. It’s pricey but I think it’s really worth.” She added.

Another user, Havanale, from California says that hers skin feels really soft and moisture without feeling oily. “I have oily, dull, and not smooth surface skin, but since I brought this amazing product, I love to taking care my skin. I really recommend this product!” She said.

“I put this Estee Lauder product on my ‘turkey gobbler’ skin on my neck and after several days of usement I really noted a difference for the better. Really love the product.” Another user said.

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Where to get Estee Lauder anti-aging facial night complex with huge discount?

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