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where to buy cheap kelo-cote scar treatment gel?

Hello and thanks for visiting this Kelo-cote advanced formula scar gel review page. Here we’ll talk deeply about the product, so I would highly recommend to all who plans to grab this stuff to read this review first. In this article we’ll talk about the product ingredients plus its benefit, how to use it, and where you can grab this amazing product with great price.

Recently I have done a little research on the net about this scar treatment and overall I found a positive and consistent review. Some of certified dermatologists recommend this gel not only to treat regular wound scars on your skin, but also to treat acne and post-burn scars.  So here we’ll also discuss about what others said about this Kelo-Cote scar treatment gel.

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Kelo-Cote advanced formula scar gel at a glance

This scar treatment gel claimed as patented, gas permeable, self-drying, colorless and odorless gel. It’s specialized to shade scarring on your skin, including post-surgery, post-burn, and acne scars. Reduce the discoloration and relieve the discomfort including itching associated with scars. It also helps you to prevent abnormal and excessive scar formation.

This product claimed best for both new and old scars and has been recommended for almost ten years by physicians. According to the study result, about 80 percent of patients who use the gel, they feel satisfied about the result and they give good and very good review to this product.

How to apply Kelo-Cote advanced formula scar gel

First, you can grab this amazing scar treatment gel from THIS LINK. Once you have one, before use the Kilo-Cote gel, you need to open the tube. Remove the cap and use a sharp scissors to cut the tip of the tube, make sure you only cuter the narrow of the tip. Always wash and dry your hand before you handle the gel. Below are the detailed steps to apply the gel to gain maximum healing effect.

  1. Apply the Kelo-Cote gel only to the healed would. An open wound should not get the gel. If you have a post-surgery or injury wound, normally it takes about two weeks to heal the wound. Talk to your doctor for sure, whether you can apply the cream to your scars.
  2. Make sure your hand and scar is clean before the treatment. Wash your hand and treatment area using water and soap and then dry using a clean towel. When you are applying the gel, make sure to focus on the treatment area only.
  3. Place the Kelo-Cote gel on your fingertips by pressing the tube. You will need a small amount of the gel to gain the benefit. Applying excessive gel won’t give you extra benefit. Rub gently the gel to the treatment area to make an extra thin layer.
  4. Wait for about 5 minutes to completely dry. If you place too many gels, you’ll need more than 5 minutes to dry the layer. Spread the excess gel for fast drying. For maximum results, use this Kelo-Cote advanced formula scar gel twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Use of the gel for 60-90 days for maximum healing effect.

What users say about the product?

Naike Etianne, one of the happy user says that she has post-surgery scar and previously she spend about $150 to buy a scar treatment cream, and you know what? The expensive cream doesn’t work. My dermatologist later recommend me to use this Kelo-Cote scar treatment gel and I tell you the incision marks are fading like my regular complexion, she said.

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Where to get cheap Kelo-Cote advanced formula scar gel?

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