A detail review of Salicylic acid 20% gel peel product

Hello and welcome to shegliter.com. In this page we’ll deeply talk about salicylic acid 20% gel peel by Perfect image. Recently I do a little research about the best at home chemical peel products on the market and I found this stuff which also contains propylene glycol has receive so many consistent positive reviews on the net. So I decide to bring this chemical peel formula down here on this page.

In this review we’ll focus on the ingredients of the products, its benefit, how to use it, what people say about this product and where to get it with great discounted price. If you craving to grab this great skin treatment product, you can grab it through our affiliate link down below (thank you so much). We offer this salicylic acid gel peel that comes with great price from Amazon. Enough the chit chat and let’s move on into the review.

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Salicylic acid 20% gel peel at a glance

If you have skin problem on your face such as blackheads, enlarge pores, acne, sun damage, whiteheads, or hyperpigmentation and you have try all skin treatment products on the market but those problems keep persist? I would highly recommend you to use Salicylic acid 20% gel peel which also contains propylene glycol.

Besides those active ingredients, this product also contains natural components such as cucumber extract, green tea leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, tea tree leaf oil, and comfrey leaf extract. Those natural ingredients has been known for hundreds of year as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, and anti wrinkle sources. All those ingredients professionally formulated to wipe out skin problem from your face.

Is the product save and FDA approved?

Yes, this amazing gel peel is manufactured in an FDA registered cGMP compliant facility. The Salicylic acid 20% gel peel product has been tested by following micro testing, assay testing, and identity testing for each batch to make sure the component quality meets USP standards and FDA guidelines. This product ready on the market without prescription, read the instruction, follow the guideline for maximum effect.

salicylic acid gel peel before after picture

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How to use Salicylic acid 20% gel peel at home?

To gain maximum result of this chemical peel at home, simply clean your face using cppl water, dry it and apply the peel gel every 2-4 minutes using aplicator pad. Consider to layered the gel for more effective result. Rinse generously your face with fresh water. Repeat the treatment 1-2 times per week, up to 4-6 weeks. If you have very sensitive skin talk to your dermatologist first. Read the detain instruction inside the box.

What users say about this salicylic acid gel peel?

Previously Felicia W, a user, her skin comes with serious skin problem such as severe acne, major breakouts, and blemishes. She use this product and she say it works perfectly. All those skin problem just disappear after 3-4 weeks of treatment. “This product has made my skin softer, more silky, and smoother than I had ever felt before. I totally recommend this product for those with same skin problem with me” she said.

Another user, Wendy Mann, she said that she was prone to blackheads so she didn’t wear a lot of make up. Then she try this  gel peel and she very satisfy about the result. “It really calm the skin. I love this product” she said.

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