A Deep Review of AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion and 50% Discount Link

Hi all.Thanks for stopping by and welcome to our beauty products review blog. Today we would like to talk about one of AHAVA product which is AHAVA mineral body lotion. Just like another product, this lotion has its own advantage and weakness at the same time. Here in this article, we’ll talk about what the product can do, about its ingredients, how to use it for maximum benefit, what users say about the product, and where you can grab this one with huge discount.

AHAVA mineral body lotion at a glance

According to my little research, this product has gain positive review among users, most of them claim that the lotion increase skin’s moisture levels and creating a very refreshing effect. The special formula of this lotion comes with intense moisturizers allow to hydrates and heal your skin. The natural ingredients including aloe vera extract creating silky softness effect on your body all day long. This lotion work best on all skin types with hypoallergenic property so yeah it can be used for sensitive skin and off course this product is dermatologically tested.

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AHAVA mineral body lotion ingredients and directions

According to its official website, the ingredients of this lotion are including Aloe vera extract, witch hazel distillate, dead sea salt and water, water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glicol, glycerin, sodium cetaril sulfate, ethylhexyl palmitate, cetearyl alcohol, fragrance, PEG-20 stearate, imidazolidinyl urea, and 2-bromo-2-nitroproane-1,3-diol.

To gain maximum hydrates effect, apply generously this lotion on parts of your body twice after bath or shower in the morning and evening. It also can be smoothed onto partially wet skin for remarkable results.

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What users say about AHAVA mineral body lotion?

Most users feel satisfy about the product. One of happy user, Sarah Miles, say that she has extremely dry skin and this AHAVA mineral lotion works perfect to hydrates her skin and make it moist, glow, and super soft. “I love the scent and the lotion is totally fine, no sticky or pasty feeling on my skin. I totally recommend this product.” She said.

Another buyer, Ray O, she grab this product for his wife. “This lotion is amazing. It’s absorb great, silky smooth, and does not leave you feeling sticky.” He said. “My wife loves the fragrance and she instantly hooked with the product. I just ordered her couple bottles, seriously this lotion is totally rock, you all need to grab one for yourself.” He added.

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Where to get cheap AHAVA mineral lotion with?

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