Up to 77 Percent Discount: Royal Nails UV Light Gel and Acrilic Nails Dryer

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Hi girls, first of all, thanks for stopping by here at my Royal Nails Professional UV Light Gel and Acrylic Nail Dryer review page. I think I need to share with you all since I found that this stuff is totally awesome, based at the time I write this review, Amazon offers a crazy discount price for up to 77 percent. So if your craving for this product, I highly recommend you to grab it one through THIS LINK to claim your discount, and for all of you who need some little bit detail about this stuff, please read on the article because we’ll deep talk about this beauty gadget.

Royal nails UV light gel and acrylic nail dryer at a glance

With huge 54 Watt power, make this UV light gel nail dryer best fit for both professional and personal using. It has 6 x 9 wall UV bulbs for the better and even nail curing distribution. The manufacturer also claims this stuff works with all UV gel products. The large cabin makes it fit for simultaneous two hands at the same time, also the product works for both hands and feet.

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For faster drying time, this Royal Nails UV light, acrylic nail dryer is also has fan inside the cabin. Just in a few minutes your nail will look gorgeous. It’s also easy to operate and thanks to simple but very helpful timer which has 5 setting mode: 90 Sec, 120 Sec, 180 Sec, 240 Sec, and 300 Sec. Because of superior features, this woman must own stuff has received so many positive and consistent reviews on the net. About this user review, we’ll talk it later.

How to use 54 Watt Royal nails UV light gel nail dryer?

Basically, there is no difference in using this gel and acrylic gel dryer with other products. Simply just plug in the power cable into the station, turn on the main power, and set the timer when you need it. Since this stuff has 6 lamps, so it can be used for both of your hands at the same time. I found a pretty neat video on YouTube that explains how to use this gel and acrylic nail dryer, definitely it’s not the Royal nails version but I hope it can give you the whole picture. Thanks to Mrsjvaltierra for the video.

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What users said about this Royal nails UV light acrilic nail dryer?

Minnesota Mom, a user of this product says at the first time her nails were not in good shape, every couple weeks she spends about $40 for the nail salon visit. Latter she googled about the name of the polish the salon used and she stumbled on the royal nails UV light gel and acrylic nail dryer, she decided to grab one. Previously, she said that she is not a nail tech, but with this simple nail dryer, she amazed with the result. “The UV light is awesome, it’s big enough to fit both hands in at once and I’m thrilled with the result”, she added.

Another happy user, Beth Logan, just received this stuff and recently she only uses one time and she felt satisfied about the result. “This product is great, it’s worth every penny”, she said.

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Where to get cheap 45 watt Royal nails UV gel and acrilic nails dryer?

As I said above, I would highly recommend you to grab this amazing stuff from amazon, since the offer up to 77 percent discount (What a great deal). This offer will expire soon, so hurry grab it fast by following THIS LINK. Beside crazy price, amazon also offers free shipping with terms and conditions.


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