38 Percent OFF: Powerful New Version Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover

I think this new version emjoi micro-pedi callus remover is a revolutionary tool for beauty feet. This tool allows you to get ready for sandal season without any salon appointment. This tool utilizes micro mineral particle technology on its roller can pulverized dead skin on your heels in seconds. All those who have this new micro-pedi nano will enjoy the comfort and effective pedicure at their own home.

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What this new micro-pedi nano can do?

This little machine comes with ergonomic design. It carry a more powerful motor allows the roller to spin 360 degree at 30 times a second. Combined with roller with micro mineral particle, this micro-pedi tool can effectively buff away the jagged skin on your soles of heels.

Many users feel happy and satisfy about what this little machine can do. It’s easy to use and definitely more save and more effective than metal scrapers, which use metal blades to trim the skin. All you need is just couple minutes with emjoy new micro-pedi nano on your hand to create smooth skin on your heels. To power up this tool you’ll need 2 AA batteries and it’s not include the package.

What users say about new emjoy micro-pedi nano?

What users say about new emjoy micro-pedi nano?

Some of users are skeptical at the moment they seeing this product, but letter they amaze about what this little machine can do. “I purchased this new emjoy micro-pedi from amazon and I did not have very high expectation about it, but OMG, I was surprised! This micro-pedi is amazing. It very quickly turned my cracked and dry heels into smooth and pink. I totally recommend this tool. It’s amazing.” A user said. “Be sure to follow the instructions including wiping the dust off your heels and applying moisturizating lotion afterwards for best result.” She added.

Another user, Tere Sacha, and she have been a master esthetician for over 30 years. She really satisfied about what this tool can do. “I have tried everything to sand the dead dry skin off my clients’ feet, but this new emjoy machine isn’t replaceable. It’s better than good, and I’m purchasing several more for my business. As a professional esthetician, I recommend this tool for you.” She said.

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This micro-pedi nano callus remover isn’t for woman only. It’s also fit for men. A 29 years old man shares his experience using this little machine. “I have rough feet and my girlfriend lend me hers new emjoy micro-pedi. At the first time I refuse to use it, but since my girlfriend insisted, I try it on my feet. Holly Cow… this tool is amazing. My feet become more smooth and the rough skin just gone.” He said.

Where to get this new emjoy micro-pedi nano with discounted price?

This amazing pedicure at home machine can easily get at various online stores across the Net. Personally I recommend you to grab this thing on Amazon. They offer 38% discount for every purchase, at the time I wrote this article. Since this is occasionally discount, it applies in very limited time, so I suggest you take action right now to the discount. Follow the link by hitting the ‘Buy It Now’ button to visit the discount page.

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