Facial Cleaning Exfoliate Brush with Pine Wood Holder by MIU COLOR Review

Personally I love this facial skin care tool since it comes with high grade pine holder with natural look. I also admire the soft bristle which is very soft and gentle on my face, and this is one of the reasons why I would like to write down a short review about this product. We thing we need to share our nice experience with this amazing tool.

In this simple review we would like to focus on product description including its pros and cons, we’ll also talk about what it can do for you, what users said about it, and where you can grab this one with interesting offer. So if you are looking a replacement for your old facial exfoliate brush, definitely this MIU COLOR product should on your list.

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A Glance of MIU COLOR Facial Cleaning Exfoliate brush

This simple and eco-friendly beauty tool totally great and comfortable for daily basis and can be use everywhere. The soft bristle perfectly cleans your face and revives your tired skin to glow, removing cosmetics, dirt, and even dead skin cells. According to the manufacturer website, this natural look brush has about 400,000 soft with 80 micron bristles that are densely aligned on the brush head to minimize irritation and for stable pressure.

This exfoliating brush not only clean your face from all those debris, but also boost your blood circulation along your face area and allows the cells to restore skin’s vitality and effective way to prevents acne, blackheads, and prevent skin aging. This exfoliating brush easy to clean and easy to foam without bacteria and skin irritation.

How to Clean This MIU COLOR Facial Skin Care Tool?

How to Use This MIU COLOR Facial Skin Care Tool?

  1. Use running water to wet the bristles
  2. Apply your facial cleanser onto the brush
  3. Apply this exfoliating brush on your face with circular motion. Use it with gentle and do not press hard
  4. You can use this bristle several times a day without any irritation but please refer to the cleanser instruction since irritation may occur because of the cleanser.
  5. Once you finish, wash the bristles with running water, make sure it completely clean and hang the brush to dry.

What People Said about MIU COLOR Pore Cleaner Brush with Pine Brush Holder?

Most of users love its soft bristles and natural look brush holder. “I have very oily skin, and along my cleanser this brush works fantastic. This little and affordable brush do an awesome job. The bristles are extremely soft. I highly recommend this exfoliating brisk.” She said.

This brush totally works on my face, and it helps to unclog my pores especially on my chin and nose. It’s easy to use and to clean. The only one drawback for me is a bit hard to dry. Overall I’m happy to own this soft bush.” Another user said.

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Where to get this beauty brush with great offer?

You can easily order this facial cleaning exfoliate brush by online and personally we recommend you to visit Amazon.com. At the time we write this short review, they offer 57 percent discount. This great offer applies in very limited time, so hurry visit the sales page before the discount ended. You can visit the amazon page through ‘buy it now’ link below.

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