Crazy offer: 16 Piece Synthetic Vegan Makeup Brush Set with Makeup Bag

You know what, this stuff is totally awesome, personally I really love this brush set. It’s super soft, feel nice on my face and off course because it comes with 72% discount. All those 16 piece brush set packed in one cute pink bag, it’s vegan friendly, cruelty free, and no animal hair, that’s the most important to me. So if you are looking for a brush set to replace your old one, definitely you need to consider this stuff.

BUY this cute and adorable brush set with 72% discount!

16 Pieces Synthetic Vegan Makeup Brush Set at a Glance

This synthetics brush set include large dome shaped powder brush, flat top blender brush, medium tapered concealer brush, blush brush, small tapered eye shadow/concealer brush, large tapered eye shadow/concealer brush, medium tapered eye shadow brush, mini tapered eye shadow/concealer brush, angled contour cheek brush, lash comb/brow groomer, small foam tip eye shadow applicator, medium fan brush, tapered lip brush, precision eyeliner brush, angled eyeliner/brow brush, and mascara spoolie. All those precious brushes pack in a cute pink makeup bag.

Base on my little research on the net, most of users love this stuff because it comes with high quality material. It passes tug test, by pulling the bristles and it does not come loose. It also passes dye test, by washing it and there is no noticeable dye run. So in the nut shell, this is a high quality product. The synthetic brush made it more hygienic compared to natural hair. It because those natural hairs have an irregular surface which can trap dead skin cells, powders, chemicals, and bacteria. Meanwhile synthetics has more regular surface, making it easier to clean properly.

You can clean this thing by washing it. Experts recommend you to clean this 16 piece synthetic vegan makeup brush set once per two weeks.

Where to Get Cheap 16 Piece Synthetic Vegan Makeup Brush Set?

What Users Say About this Synthetic Vegan Makeup Brush Set?

Most of happy users really love this product because of two things, its great quality and great price offer. The normal price is quality pricey, but several online store offer huge discount. The brushes are very soft, durable, easy to handle, and easy to clean.

A user, Amanda Parker, share hers experience with this stuff on amazon. “These are softest, most adorable set of brushes I have ever seen.” She said. “It come with various sizes and functions, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and would like to get a backup set in case they ever stop making them.” She added.

Another user, Gisele, she is really love the brush set. “The quality of these are great, I think I use all of them except the mascara one. They really are so soft just like the other reviewers said. Thank you to the other reviewers for taking the time to write your reviews and convincing me to buy this great set!” She added.

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Where to Get Cheap 16 Piece Synthetic Vegan Makeup Brush Set?

According to my experience, there are several online stores that offer huge discount for this stuff, and among those online store, I found that Amazon offer the craziest price. At the time I write this article, they offer 72% of discount. I know… I know it’s really crazy. But I believe this offer won’t apply forever. You need to take action RIGHT NOW to claim your discount, so hit the big “Buy It Now” button down below. RIGHT NOW!

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